Dr. Gold in the News

Dr. Gold’s expertise has put her on the national stage as a source of unbiased and knowledgeable information, presented with accessible demeanor. 20 years of testifying, and teaching as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown School of Medicine, has deepened and defined her trademark style.

Dr. Gold is consulted by major media outlets to appear on-camera and in news articles about current events and issues of concern to the nation.

ABCNews, Dr. Gold is interviewed to better understand gun violence; she discusses the impact of the Dickey Amendment’s negative impact on pursuit of research.  “Part of the reason that there is a noticeable dearth of studies relating to gun violence, experts say, is because of active efforts to prevent such research from occurring. (Excerpt by Reporter Meghan Keneally puts Dr. Gold’s comments in context”[1]

PBS. Amna Nawaz talks with Dr. Liza Gold about risks, treatment and the scope of the problems putting a person at risk for suicide in light of the suicide deaths of Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade  [2]

Dr. Gold is interviewed in Newsweek online: Sexual Harassment “Male on Male Sexual Harassment”[3][4]

CSPAN. Dr. Gold speaks about Gun Violence and Public Health.  (2018, March).  Dr. Gold is the author of Gun Violence and Mental Illness.[5]

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Dr. Gold’s publications can be found on her CV. A list of all of her newspaper, television and radio interviews is too extensive to list here. Recordings of a few of her presentations and interviews are available at CSPAN.