Forensic Psychiatric Services

Expert Legal Consultations, Evaluations, and Testimony

Dr. Gold is a nationally recognized board certified forensic psychiatrist. She has been retained to provide expert opinions and testimony on psychiatric issues that arise in legal or administrative settings by

  • Plaintiffs and defense attorneys
  • Administrative agencies
  • Consultative health agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Federal and state government agencies

Dr. Gold specializes in the mental health assessment of employment related psychiatric problems, emotional injuries, emotional damages, mental disability, and medical malpractice. She provides

  • Consultations in civil and criminal litigation
  • Forensic psychiatric evaluations and independent medical evaluations
  • Deposition and Courtroom Testimony
  • Case and Document Review
  • Consultation with attorneys

Dr. Gold will provide testimony regarding psychiatric issues, emotional injuries and damages in a variety of civil and criminal matters, including:

  • Medical malpractice litigation
  • Mental disability claims
  • Psychiatric claims in employment litigation including
    • Title VII claims
    • Sexual, gender, racial, or religious discrimination or harassment claims
    • ADA/ADAAA claims
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims
  • State employment and human rights commissions claims
  • Violence risk assessments
  • Impaired professionals
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Long-term and short-term disability insurance claims

Forensic Psychiatry Assessments include:

  • Malpractice and standard of care
  • Mental and emotional injuries and damages
  • Mental disability
  • Causation of emotional injury
  • Mitigation of emotional injury/damages
  • Treatment needs and prognosis

Courts in which Dr. Gold has been recognized as an expert witness include:

Federal Courts

  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Norfolk Division
  • United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia
  • United States District Court for the District of Columbia
  • United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Baltimore Division
  • United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Southern Division
  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Atlanta District Office


State Courts

District of Columbia

  • Superior Court of the District of Columbia


  • Alexandria Circuit Court
  • Alexandria General District Court
  • Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
  • Arlington County Circuit Court
  • Arlington County General District Court
  • Charlottesville Circuit Court
  • Fairfax County Circuit Court
  • Loudoun County Virginia Circuit Court
  • Prince William County Circuit Court


  • Frederick County, MD Circuit Court
  • Montgomery County Circuit Court
  • Montgomery County Human Rights Commission